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What Would Your Netflix Show Be About?

Introducing.......a limited-run series: Lez the Elder.

Lez is tired.....tired of losing her faculties through aging, of cleaning up kidney-disease cat puke, and of the growing pile of Amazon boxes that need recycling.

S1E1, Move It! Lez is determined to exercise for the first time in years. She joins a water-aerobics class where her belly fat causes a tidal wave in the shallow end.

S1E2, Diabetic Pathetic Diet. Watch our intrepid heroine as she braves Indian food over 1/3 cup of rice, thereby using up her entire carbohydrate allotment for the day.

S1E3, No Sugar Added, Sugar! Witness the gastro-intestinal gyrations of our Lez as she consumes eight no-sugar-added Fudgecicles in one sitting, followed by two Pepto-Bismol pink tabs, followed by a lengthy bout of diarrhea.

S1E4, They're Nocturnal, You Know! The elderly cat, inexplicably named Kitten, awakens Lez at 3 am to demand to go outside. Kitten strolls up and down the front outside walkway for 2.5 minutes before coming in and takes one last glance at the swimming pool below, the largest watering hole she has ever seen. Insomnia ensues.

S1E5, Dishes-Wash 'Em or Break 'Em! Lez determines to clear out the sink of all dirty dishes, rather than relying on one plate and one bowl that she washes over and over to avoid aforementioned mess in sink.

S1E6 They're Around Here Somewhere! Lez receives notice from the network that her series has been canceled due to lack of interest. It takes the first half of the episode to find one of the five pairs of glasses she has stashed everywhere in order to read the email. She is relieved at the news, because she doesn't find her life very interesting, either.


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